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Best clothes for new tattoos while they heal

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Best clothes for new tattoos while they heal

Planning to get a new tattoo also involves thinking about what clothes you might want to wear, to ensure that nothing sticks to your fresh new ink and tender skin that is healing.   For the ladies we recommend looking for loose flowy clothes that give you some room to move about easily without being uncomfortable during the healing process of a new tattoo.   Look around in thrift shops or online for things like kimonos and caftans that are great to lounge in and can also look like you care about style.  Most of the time a modern caftan has the look and feel of luxury womens caftan loungewear, and they can come in sheer or not.  Plus they double as a cute outfit to wear over your bikini on the beach (once your tattoo heals of course) .

Check out Isalora or asop online for the cute selections they have.  Your tattoo needs room to breathe, and especially if you got inked on your torso, back or thighs, it’s a good idea to find the right breathable clothing that will help the healing time go much faster.  Synthetic clothes that are tight keep the air from getting to your tattoo and can interfere with healing, and can even cause problems such as infection.  So opt for clothing that is cotton based or something organic and natural.   Unless you live in a nudist camp and can afford to not wear anything at all!  Then you’ll be on easy street.   But if you are like the rest of us, going for a gorgeous loose fitting kaftan, that might even open at the front to easily put on and off, you will be healing fast and feel great and best of all look really stylish in the meantime.

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