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Why We Love Tree Tattoos

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Why We Love Tree Tattoos

Trees are amazing.  Plants that make us feel like ants, and yet they exhibit qualities that feed our souls.  Not only do they give us oxygen, and we would not survive without them, but their strength, beauty, resilience, and hardiness are encouraging.  Tree tattoos have become incredibly popular, as they have such an organic and life-like appeal as a piece of art, and the various types of trees can mean many different things to different people.  Fir trees and evergreens are a popular choice for tattoos, growing to great heights, and lasting for generations. The symmetry of a pine tree for example can be quite pleasing to the eye when shown in a drawing.  Another aspect of trees is that they provide shade, shelter, and structure to animals and people, and they are also a life-source of fruit and food.   With literally thousands of species of trees, mankind has always found new uses for trees from medicinal solutions to using it’s bark and wood for paper and tools.   Man and tree cannot survive without each other.

With the spread of civilization, building materials and concrete, we still use wood and trees as part of our growing communities.  But now we have had to start shifting focus to start preserving our trees, planting more of them, and replacing the millions of trees we have absorbed and destroyed.   Every person can help, and even working to preserve the trees that are on your own property is a place to start.  Get a good solid tree service company to help manage your trees and keep them thriving for many years to come.  They are beautiful, life-giving and meant to help us survive on this planet.

In olden times, many cultures in fact worshipped trees.  They regarded them very highly, and understood that they would not be able to thrive without trees.   In modern times we have become very familiar with trees and need to be aware that caring for trees is crucial.  Honoring the symbol of what trees mean to humankind by getting a tattoo is one way to show respect.  Tree tattoos also mean everlasting love, solidarity, and as the branches of a tree spread, flower, grow, and change, our tree branches tattoos can symbolize the spread and reach each of us has that affects the people around us.

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