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Tattoos For Your Car

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Tattoo Art Made For Cars

For the lovers of tattoo art and fans of body ink, there’s more than wearing tattoos on your skin; these days you can put almost any kind of tattoo art as a decal on your car body or car windshield. Many people also apply these tattoo decals to their trucks, boats, or even windows in their homes. There are countless designs and patterns in tattoo styles available from online retailers that are made especially for our vehicles. And since there are those of us that see our cars as an extension of ourselves, donning some really great tattoo-style decals onto the rear windshield for example, creates another avenue of self-expression. These decals are usually composed of strong durable vinyl, and made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. This is important especially if you want your car art to hold up against sun damage, wind, and rain. Some specialty auto shops offer custom detailed tattoo paint across the side of your car too, really anything is possible for a price.

Tribal Tattoos for Cars

One of the most popular choices for car decals that resemble tattoos are in Tribal style, which tend to be quite symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Also tribal tattoos are often quite a masculine choice, more often than not you’ll see guys pick this type of decal. These can also be customized to fit someone’s personal style.
You can find a lot of options for various styles, sizes, cuts, and designs at

Truck Windshield Tattoo Decals

Considering that the width of a truck’s windshield is a decent length, it seems to be a common trend for truck owners to add tattoo-style lettering across the full length of the top of their rear windshield. You many also come across that truck owner that has not only put lettering at the top but the entire surface of their rear windshield is full of tattoo decals, designs, stickers, quotes, and other paraphenelia that they feel represents them.. another form of expression. And you can almost put money on the fact that the driver/owner of that truck has a tattoo or three. You also see the single-line decals put on the front windshield across the top. Some popular words for these truck decals are: “Beast”, “Renegade”, “Outta My Way”, “Caught You Lookin'”.. and more.

If in any case your windshield holding the decal gets cracked or damaged, it’s usually an easy fix with many convenient mobile repair services. And your decal, if damaged, can either be re-ordered again, or you can see this as an opportunity to try out a new tattoo sticker… as opposed to a real tattoo, a window decal has options to be easily removed, changed, or added to, with no physical pain. (maybe just a pain to your wallet.)

What Car Decals Say About You

Considering all the kinds of decals out there, we can agree that there is pretty much something for everyone. Keep in mind that when people view those car decals, they are often making an assumption on who you are, or what your passions are based on those loud statements that are strewn across your car as you drive by. For sports fans there are thousands of great decals to show which team you support. There are great family-based decals, as well as obnoxious and in-your-face types of decals too that stand out but not always for the right reasons. Whatever you stand for, you can find really well crafted decals that show skill in design and artistic talent by the ones that created them. Look up online some of the Top Decals before you commit to a certain decal. This type of car tattoo can definitely help or hurt your image in many ways, so just like when you get a real tattoo on your skin, take some time to think about the message, meaning, size, and placement. Also you can damage the paint on your vehicle if you try to remove it, so make sure you plan before you decal.

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