What To Avoid When You Have A Tattoo

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There are a lot of do’s and don’t’s that come with getting a tattoo. It is best that you know both, so you know how to properly take care of your tattoo. Also, you know mistakes you should avoid in preventing harmful reactions to your tattoo. It might be helpful to take a photo or list down the do’s and don’t’s  because there are some that may slip your mind at times.


When you get a tattoo, you are getting wounded by being continuously stabbed by an electric powered pen. When a person gets a wound, you will know it is healing when it starts forming a scab. This will also be a tough challenge for you because it will cause a lot of scratching temptations that you have to fight off. Over time, your scabs will heal and dry out completely and will go away on their own.

You shouldn’t scratch the scabs that may form in the area of your tattoo design because this will disrupt the healing process of the wound. Removing parts of the scab can leave spots or holes on your tattoo and those could be susceptible to bacteria and infection. The struggle is real when it comes to battling the temptation of the itch. A good way to fight this off is by slapping it lightly with your hand or something flat. Another way is by applying lotion or anti-itch cream that should be fast acting.

Washing your tattoo once a day is fine and is necessary to keep your tattoo clean and free from any infection. Soaking your tattoo by going out for a swim is not the same as washing your tattoo, that is something you should avoid for a few weeks to avoid complications. The ink in your tattoo design is not yet fully incorporated into your skin, too much exposure to water can naturally leave the ink runny looking or completely smudged.

If you swim in the pool or even the sea, you will probably have a negative reaction to the water. Swimming with a new tattoo is a bad idea. Some of these bodies of waters contain chemical or other foreign substances that may not mix will with your wound. You shouldn’t limit yourself to less shower time, but you should try to limit your shower time and avoid direct hit to the area of effect.

Another thing you should avoid is too much exposure to sunlight. You won’t be able to hit the beach 3 to 4 weeks after getting inked, make sure not to make any plans if you are getting a tattoo. Sunlight has a lot of harmful effects due the UV rays that are contained in it, it can cause you to get sun burns or blisters that may not be good for your tattoo.

Before heading out for a walk under the sun, it is to apply sunblock with a high SPF content to protect it from being damaged. The sun can give your tattoos discoloration that will not be appealing to your eyes. It will be best to wait for the wound to completely heal before going all out beach mode for the best possible results.

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