Leave A Proper Mark By Taking Care Of Your Tattoo

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There have been a lot of mistakes with tattoo care that led to a lot of painful and regretful experiences. You shouldn’t take this phase for granted because this will determine whether or not your tattoo will look great or look like a badly infected wound. You are usually given a set of instructions by your tattoo artist on how you should care for your tattoo, it is best to follow it every step of the way.


After your artist has accurately and carefully inked your skin with the design of your choice, he will then cover it with a bandage that will protect your skin. It is recommended that you leave that bandage on for at least 5 to 6 hours to make sure that the would heal well without getting infected. If your tattoo is wrapped with plastic, then make sure that it is not left for more than 2 hours.

How long you should leave on the bandage wrap will also be determined on the size of your tattoo. Naturally, the bigger that design is, then the longer the healing time will be. Don’t worry because you won’t be the one the one to determine this decision, your tattoo artist will be able to adjust the treatment of your tattoo when he sees the need for it. You can easily remove the bandage without pain and disruption by simply soaking it in warm water, and it should peel off easily.

Washing your tattoo well is one of the most important things you have to practice to become a habit. It is best to get hand soap that has natural ingredients to make sure it doesn’t get infected by the chemicals used in other types of soaps. The act of soaping the tattoo area will remove the loose ink stains and blood traces that may have been left behind during the process of inking.

Make sure that you clean your hands very well because you will use your hands to clean your tattoo. It is not recommended to use hand towels or loofahs because of the bacteria that might be inside them. Remember when you rinse the soap off your tattoo to use indirect water splashes and not to directly aim it under the faucet, as the impact may be too much for your new tattoo.

Drying is an important protective step that you should be careful at all times. Once you have finished washing and rinsing off the soap from your tattoo, you can get a clean towel and lightly pat it until it is dry. Avoid rubbing it dry because there is a possibility that you may irritate your skin. You should let your skin rest after drying for about 20 to 30 minutes to allow your inked skin to breathe and heal properly, this also assures you that it gets completely dry. Afterwards, you can go ahead and wrap it again with a bandage for safety.

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