Hire Help rather than DIY

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Hire Help rather than DIY

When we moved into our new house many of the interior rooms needed to be painted so we looked around online to find a good reliable painting contractor to hire for the job. There are a lot of home-improvement projects that are too difficult to do on your own however painting seems like it could be an easier job and something that the homeowner like myself could do on my own. For example I wouldn’t think twice about hiring a contractor to install a door or build a new roof but Painting seems like a much easier job.
I attempted to paint one of the rooms and one hour and I realized I was in over my head. There’s a lot more that goes into painting then I first assumed. For example the prep work itself took much longer than the actual paint application. Then there were things to consider such as the type of paint, the type of finish, the type of rollers and brushes that were needed to apply the right amount of paint, as well as how many coats to apply.
I decided I needed to hire a good experienced painter that already had the tools and everything that they needed to do an efficient job.
And most likely a professional would do it in a fraction of the amount of time that it would take me to finish the same job simply because I don’t have the same type of experience as a painter that does it on a daily basis does.
Hiring a painting contractor was not an easy task however. There were those that were very good but they were in high demand and their schedule did not work with mine they were booked out months in advance.
And a few other local people like handyman offered their services but I did not see any examples of their work online or reviews from previous customers so I was not sure what I was getting into if I hired them.
Eventually after much searching I found a reliable local painting contractor that was able to complete the job in the time that I needed and a really nice job on the entire interior of my home. And it was definitely worth the time and effort that I put into searching online for Boston house painters rather than spending that time painting by myself and probably messing up the job further.

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Best clothes for new tattoos while they heal

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Best clothes for new tattoos while they heal

Planning to get a new tattoo also involves thinking about what clothes you might want to wear, to ensure that nothing sticks to your fresh new ink and tender skin that is healing.   For the ladies we recommend looking for loose flowy clothes that give you some room to move about easily without being uncomfortable during the healing process of a new tattoo.   Look around in thrift shops or online for things like kimonos and caftans that are great to lounge in and can also look like you care about style.  Most of the time a modern caftan has the look and feel of luxury womens caftan loungewear, and they can come in sheer or not.  Plus they double as a cute outfit to wear over your bikini on the beach (once your tattoo heals of course) .

Check out Isalora or asop online for the cute selections they have.  Your tattoo needs room to breathe, and especially if you got inked on your torso, back or thighs, it’s a good idea to find the right breathable clothing that will help the healing time go much faster.  Synthetic clothes that are tight keep the air from getting to your tattoo and can interfere with healing, and can even cause problems such as infection.  So opt for clothing that is cotton based or something organic and natural.   Unless you live in a nudist camp and can afford to not wear anything at all!  Then you’ll be on easy street.   But if you are like the rest of us, going for a gorgeous loose fitting kaftan, that might even open at the front to easily put on and off, you will be healing fast and feel great and best of all look really stylish in the meantime.

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Why We Love Tree Tattoos

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Why We Love Tree Tattoos

Trees are amazing.  Plants that make us feel like ants, and yet they exhibit qualities that feed our souls.  Not only do they give us oxygen, and we would not survive without them, but their strength, beauty, resilience, and hardiness are encouraging.  Tree tattoos have become incredibly popular, as they have such an organic and life-like appeal as a piece of art, and the various types of trees can mean many different things to different people.  Fir trees and evergreens are a popular choice for tattoos, growing to great heights, and lasting for generations. The symmetry of a pine tree for example can be quite pleasing to the eye when shown in a drawing.  Another aspect of trees is that they provide shade, shelter, and structure to animals and people, and they are also a life-source of fruit and food.   With literally thousands of species of trees, mankind has always found new uses for trees from medicinal solutions to using it’s bark and wood for paper and tools.   Man and tree cannot survive without each other.

Just as chefs will often get a tattoo of their favorite knife or of a cow, sheep or pig, we often see some pretty cool tattoos of beautiful majestic trees on arborists that have made caring for trees their profession and passion.

With the spread of civilization, building materials and concrete, we still use wood and trees as part of our growing communities.  But now we have had to start shifting focus to start preserving our trees, planting more of them, and replacing the millions of trees we have absorbed and destroyed.   Every person can help, and even working to preserve the trees that are on your own property is a place to start.  Get a good solid tree service company to help manage your trees and keep them thriving for many years to come.  They are beautiful, life-giving and meant to help us survive on this planet.

In olden times, many cultures in fact worshipped trees.  They regarded them very highly, and understood that they would not be able to thrive without trees.   In modern times we have become very familiar with trees and need to be aware that caring for trees is crucial.  Honoring the symbol of what trees mean to humankind by getting a tattoo is one way to show respect.  Tree tattoos also mean everlasting love, solidarity, and as the branches of a tree spread, flower, grow, and change, our tree branches tattoos can symbolize the spread and reach each of us has that affects the people around us. Trees are a major party of our humanity, and studies have shown that they have tremendous benefits on mental well being.  Keeping out trees healthy and thriving whether they are within the city lining the streets, or in our backyards, we should take care of them and ensure their longevity.  With the industrial world developing and more and more trees being taken down, we risk a great part of our planet’s health as well as our own mental health.  When my husband and I lived in the northern part of the state, we had many trees on our property, and did end up having to take some down due to their poor health, but after using Tree Removal Haverhill MA, they were able to save many of the trees only having to remove 2 that were not savable.  This actually benefited the general health of all the neighboring trees and they have gone through multiple seasons now changing color, and blooming many times over. Our trees feel like part of our family and my children have played under them for many seasons, creating beautiful memories, tattooed on our hearts forever.

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Tattoos For Your Car

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Tattoo Art Made For Cars

For the lovers of tattoo art and fans of body ink, there’s more than wearing tattoos on your skin; these days you can put almost any kind of tattoo art as a decal on your car body or car windshield. Many people also apply these tattoo decals to their trucks, boats, or even windows in their homes. There are countless designs and patterns in tattoo styles available from online retailers that are made especially for our vehicles. And since there are those of us that see our cars as an extension of ourselves, donning some really great tattoo-style decals onto the rear windshield for example, creates another avenue of self-expression. These decals are usually composed of strong durable vinyl, and made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. This is important especially if you want your car art to hold up against sun damage, wind, and rain. Some specialty auto shops offer custom detailed tattoo paint across the side of your car too, really anything is possible for a price.

Tribal Tattoos for Cars

One of the most popular choices for car decals that resemble tattoos are in Tribal style, which tend to be quite symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Also tribal tattoos are often quite a masculine choice, more often than not you’ll see guys pick this type of decal. These can also be customized to fit someone’s personal style.
You can find a lot of options for various styles, sizes, cuts, and designs at decaljunky.com

Truck Windshield Tattoo Decals

Considering that the width of a truck’s windshield is a decent length, it seems to be a common trend for truck owners to add tattoo-style lettering across the full length of the top of their rear windshield. You many also come across that truck owner that has not only put lettering at the top but the entire surface of their rear windshield is full of tattoo decals, designs, stickers, quotes, and other paraphenelia that they feel represents them.. another form of expression. And you can almost put money on the fact that the driver/owner of that truck has a tattoo or three. You also see the single-line decals put on the front windshield across the top. Some popular words for these truck decals are: “Beast”, “Renegade”, “Outta My Way”, “Caught You Lookin'”.. and more.

If in any case your windshield holding the decal gets cracked or damaged, it’s usually an easy fix with many convenient mobile repair services. And your decal, if damaged, can either be re-ordered again, or you can see this as an opportunity to try out a new tattoo sticker… as opposed to a real tattoo, a window decal has options to be easily removed, changed, or added to, with no physical pain. (maybe just a pain to your wallet.)

What Car Decals Say About You

Considering all the kinds of decals out there, we can agree that there is pretty much something for everyone. Keep in mind that when people view those car decals, they are often making an assumption on who you are, or what your passions are based on those loud statements that are strewn across your car as you drive by. For sports fans there are thousands of great decals to show which team you support. There are great family-based decals, as well as obnoxious and in-your-face types of decals too that stand out but not always for the right reasons. Whatever you stand for, you can find really well crafted decals that show skill in design and artistic talent by the ones that created them. Look up online some of the Top Decals before you commit to a certain decal. This type of car tattoo can definitely help or hurt your image in many ways, so just like when you get a real tattoo on your skin, take some time to think about the message, meaning, size, and placement. Also you can damage the paint on your vehicle if you try to remove it, so make sure you plan before you decal.

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What To Avoid When You Have A Tattoo

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There are a lot of do’s and don’t’s that come with getting a tattoo. It is best that you know both, so you know how to properly take care of your tattoo. Also, you know mistakes you should avoid in preventing harmful reactions to your tattoo. It might be helpful to take a photo or list down the do’s and don’t’s  because there are some that may slip your mind at times.


When you get a tattoo, you are getting wounded by being continuously stabbed by an electric powered pen. When a person gets a wound, you will know it is healing when it starts forming a scab. This will also be a tough challenge for you because it will cause a lot of scratching temptations that you have to fight off. Over time, your scabs will heal and dry out completely and will go away on their own.

You shouldn’t scratch the scabs that may form in the area of your tattoo design because this will disrupt the healing process of the wound. Removing parts of the scab can leave spots or holes on your tattoo and those could be susceptible to bacteria and infection. The struggle is real when it comes to battling the temptation of the itch. A good way to fight this off is by slapping it lightly with your hand or something flat. Another way is by applying lotion or anti-itch cream that should be fast acting.

Washing your tattoo once a day is fine and is necessary to keep your tattoo clean and free from any infection. Soaking your tattoo by going out for a swim is not the same as washing your tattoo, that is something you should avoid for a few weeks to avoid complications. The ink in your tattoo design is not yet fully incorporated into your skin, too much exposure to water can naturally leave the ink runny looking or completely smudged.

If you swim in the pool or even the sea, you will probably have a negative reaction to the water. Swimming with a new tattoo is a bad idea. Some of these bodies of waters contain chemical or other foreign substances that may not mix will with your wound. You shouldn’t limit yourself to less shower time, but you should try to limit your shower time and avoid direct hit to the area of effect.

Another thing you should avoid is too much exposure to sunlight. You won’t be able to hit the beach 3 to 4 weeks after getting inked, make sure not to make any plans if you are getting a tattoo. Sunlight has a lot of harmful effects due the UV rays that are contained in it, it can cause you to get sun burns or blisters that may not be good for your tattoo.

Before heading out for a walk under the sun, it is to apply sunblock with a high SPF content to protect it from being damaged. The sun can give your tattoos discoloration that will not be appealing to your eyes. It will be best to wait for the wound to completely heal before going all out beach mode for the best possible results.

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Tattoo Aftercare Guide 

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If it is your first time get a tattoo and you don’t know much about how you should take care of it, then remember to lend your ears to your tattoo artist. It is their job to properly brief you on how your body will react to your first ink art. It is also their responsibility to give you instructions on how you should care for your new tattoo. Just put your trust in them and follow their directions, some artists have their own way of treating their tattoos but rest assured that they are effective.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to ignore the advice given to you by your artist. They are usually highly skilled and experienced in this field, for you to think that their methods are not effective may give them the wrong impression that you do not respect their knowledge. It could lead to you having an unhealthy relationship and maybe hard to go back to him to have your tattoo a retouch.

A good tattoo artist will be able to bring your idea to life by properly inking the design on your skin. Not only is their goal to apply the design, but they also would want you to enjoy your tattoo for a long time by being able to heal properly so that the final product will be as beautiful as you imagined. One of the ways that you guys will achieve that is by cooperating with each other.

Tattoo aftercare begins right after the the artists is done with your design. They will make sure that they clean the area and dab the tattoo area with an antibacterial solution that will prevent any infection. Afterwards, they will cover the art with a bandage that will protect the skin from any harmful stimulus that may cause it to get infected. Expect a lot of itching temptations, but try with all your might to fight it because removing the bandage and scratching the itch may have harmful effects.

The bandages are usually absorbent, non stick ABD bandages which are commonly used in majority of tattoo shops. These are good for the wound because it gives the client maximum comfort by allowing the wound to breathe and heal properly. The bandage is also bulkier compared to others, but the thickness will act as the first line of defense against bacteria and dirt.

There are other ways of properly wrapping the tattoo design, some artists prefer using plastic wrap while others seem to be against this idea. If you are not sure what is the best way to protect the design, you can research on the pros and cons and make a decision from there. Artists prefer to plastic because it is easy to apply and remove without harming the skin.

When you are in doubt about these choices and it gets you confused, the best thing you can do is to follow the directions given to you by your tattoo artist. Trust in his knowledge and skill, then things should turn out the way you imagined it to be.

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Leave A Proper Mark By Taking Care Of Your Tattoo

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There have been a lot of mistakes with tattoo care that led to a lot of painful and regretful experiences. You shouldn’t take this phase for granted because this will determine whether or not your tattoo will look great or look like a badly infected wound. You are usually given a set of instructions by your tattoo artist on how you should care for your tattoo, it is best to follow it every step of the way.


After your artist has accurately and carefully inked your skin with the design of your choice, he will then cover it with a bandage that will protect your skin. It is recommended that you leave that bandage on for at least 5 to 6 hours to make sure that the would heal well without getting infected. If your tattoo is wrapped with plastic, then make sure that it is not left for more than 2 hours.

How long you should leave on the bandage wrap will also be determined on the size of your tattoo. Naturally, the bigger that design is, then the longer the healing time will be. Don’t worry because you won’t be the one the one to determine this decision, your tattoo artist will be able to adjust the treatment of your tattoo when he sees the need for it. You can easily remove the bandage without pain and disruption by simply soaking it in warm water, and it should peel off easily.

Washing your tattoo well is one of the most important things you have to practice to become a habit. It is best to get hand soap that has natural ingredients to make sure it doesn’t get infected by the chemicals used in other types of soaps. The act of soaping the tattoo area will remove the loose ink stains and blood traces that may have been left behind during the process of inking.

Make sure that you clean your hands very well because you will use your hands to clean your tattoo. It is not recommended to use hand towels or loofahs because of the bacteria that might be inside them. Remember when you rinse the soap off your tattoo to use indirect water splashes and not to directly aim it under the faucet, as the impact may be too much for your new tattoo.

Drying is an important protective step that you should be careful at all times. Once you have finished washing and rinsing off the soap from your tattoo, you can get a clean towel and lightly pat it until it is dry. Avoid rubbing it dry because there is a possibility that you may irritate your skin. You should let your skin rest after drying for about 20 to 30 minutes to allow your inked skin to breathe and heal properly, this also assures you that it gets completely dry. Afterwards, you can go ahead and wrap it again with a bandage for safety.

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